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Getting Sued

This is not an easy episode. It’s not easy because a doctor gets named in a lawsuit, a patient has a bad outcome, and it openly discusses some of the systems failures we have in medicine. If that’s enough to turn you off, close the page and go about your day. You’ll probably be happier …


Are you ready for REBOA? Zaf Qasim (@emeddoc) gives the ins and outs of Resusciataitve Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta http://traffic.libsyn.com/ercast/REBOA_101_ERCAST.output.mp3 Direct Download Intro Segment: Mel Herbert and I talk about our favorite podcasts as well as Mel’s new show Shabam! My Top 3: The Tim Ferriss Show, Question of the Day, Men In Blazers …

Spinal tap following a negative CT in suspected SAH

It’s deeply rooted medical dogma that spinal tap needs to follow a negative CT when evaluating patients for subarachnoid hemorrhage. New literature has come out to challenge that idea. We talk with Scott Weingart of emcrit.org and Ryan Radecki of Emergency Medicine Literature of Note about a 2011 BMJ paper that looks at the sensitivity of computed tomography when performed within 6 hours of headache onset.