April 25, 2014

Suicide Risk

ERCAST Suicide Risk Assessment

Suicide risk assessment in the emergency department is a challenging endeavor. Our training in residency is limited compared to the volume of mental health patients we see during our careers. This page is designed to give emergency providers information and options in performing focused and thorough suicide risk assessments.


  1. [...] patients while in the ED. Rob also provides an excellent framework for documenting your suicide risk assessment. Dr Smith’s ECG BlogA busy week over at Dr Smith’s place. Check out his posts below and [...]

  2. [...] your perception of risk based on the information you can dig up and your rapport with the patient.Rob Orman (ER Cast) did a great podcast on Risk Assessment a while back which included the TRAPPED SILO SAFE mnemonic [...]

  3. [...] this mammoth podcast I enlist the help of Dr Rob Orman (ER Cast, EM: RAP ) to help.  Rob has been posting on and discussing suicide risk assessment for a while and [...]

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