Suicide risk assessment in the ED

Suicide risk assessment in the emergency department is a challenging endeavor. Our training in residency is limited compared to the volume of mental health patients we see during our careers. This talk is designed to give emergency providers information and options in performing focused and thorough suicide risk assessments.

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ERCAST Suicide Risk Assessment Resources


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  2. NO428

    I thought the Ketamine story on NPR recently was VERY intriguing. though it will be a long while before it is likely to come to an ER near us it may be an interesting prospect (and pose different dilemmas for us in the trenches)

    Unfortunately I can no longer get the links/downloads to work from the show notes here. Was going to go back and review this stuff as I see a gazillion suicidal patients and want to improve my evaluation and documentation but think perhaps something happened with the website move. Can you help?
    Thanks for the great podcasts and for providing both education and entertainment for my commute!

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