April 21, 2014

Splint like a pro

Posterior lower leg splint with stirrup (using fiberglass)

Downloadable step by step instructions for posterior lower leg/stirrup splint

Posterior lower leg splint (using plaster)

Thumb spica splint

Ulnar gutter splint

Sugar tong splint: Coming soon

How to splint a colles fracture: Coming soon


  1. This is wonderful. I was making these to teach my students how to splint, would you mind if I use yours instead?

  2. Rob,
    Thanks for posting such great videos. We have nurses and ER techs who do some splinting in our ED and I try to think about the best way to teach them when they are learning the tricks. These videos are great and I’ll certainly share this page with them.
    One thing I’ve started doing is using cling gauze/wrap as my outermost layer in lieu of flannel or tensor, particularly for the gutters or thumb spicas. The real estate is limited between the fingers and I find this makes the splint far less bulky and generally more comfortable for patients, especially kids.
    Great stuff as usual, Rob.

  3. This was a very helpful and informative article. It taught me how to make a splint well. I had prior knowledge, but this helped refresh that information and showed me new ways of making one. I found similar tutorials on this website:


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