Priapism and Hematuria


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Is a 12 hour erection really such a bad thing?

This upstanding episode includes:

  • How to manage the patient with bloody urine?
  • A curbside consult with urologist Brian Shaffer, MD.
  • Your emails
  • An unusual southern accent
  • and as usual…SO much more…



  1. matt

    Hi Rob. A few years late but just listened to this episode. What was the catheter type your guest recommended for irrigating bladder clots? Thanks for what you do.

    1. Rob Orman

      Hi Matt. One of my favorite episodes! Thanks for checking it out…As far as the catheter, it’s called a ‘6 eye catheter’ and essentially has 6 big holes in the end that let you flush and aspirate the clots in the bladder. Works fairly well for the tough cases.

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