Infectious Disease

Ebola, Quarantine, and the Law

Legal analyst Gunnar Schwartzbaum (nom de plume) joins the show to talk about the legal ramifications of quarantine and isolation orders Direct Download In this episode What to do if a patient with suspected Ebola wants to leave the hospital against medical advice. What is the difference between isolation and quarantine? How do you enforce …

Why You Should Get a Flu Shot

I wonder if you are one of those Dumb Asses who do not get the flu shot each year? Yes. Dumb Ass. Big D, big A. You may be allergic to the vaccine, you may have had Guillain Barre, in which case I will cut you some slack. But if you don’t have those conditions and you work in health care and you don’t get a vaccine for one of the following reasons, you are a dumb ass.