Chest tubes 101

As part of our job as editors of the video edition of Roberts and Hedges Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine, Scotty Dubs and I get to see the best demonstration videos on the planet. We have just finished the chest tube chapter and wanted to give you a sneak preview of what you’ll be seeing in the upcoming text. So here, for your visual education, is the world’s finest collection of tube thoracostomy demonstration and instruction videos.

Chest tube step by step: cadaveric placement in the procedure lab

Video Authors: Siamak Moayedi, MD and Dan Lemkin, MD

Chest tube placement in a patient with traumatic hemothorax

Video authors: Anna Bargren, MD and Andrew Pendley, MD

Seldinger chest tube insertion

Video Authors: Joe Mayerle, MD and Scott Joing, MD

Pigtail catheter chest tube

Video Author: Al Sacchetti


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