How to learn from a lecture

Amal Mattu stops by to talk about the best way to get the most from attending (as well as giving) a lecture. Hint, it’s not the the transfer of information. Amal says that lectures have one of two purposes: to persuade or ¬†inspire.

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To get the most out of attending a lecture

  • take notes
  • no more than three take home points per talk
  • when you get back home, review your notes and read the handout, source material, etc
  • ask questions if possible
  • do not sit passively and try to absorb information by some sort of osmotic wizardry

To get the most out of giving a lecture

  • simple slides without too much or complex information
  • no more than one take home point every 10 minutes
  • engage the audience in the discussion
  • repeatedly reinforce the take home points
  • practice and then practice a bit more


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    Wow, thanks for the compliments Rob. Great to hear your enthusiasm and shared thoughts and ideas about improving presentations.

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