Calf Vein Clots

Podcast with Tom Deloughery on calf clots and superficial thrombphlebitis

References for Grand Rounds Lecture

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  1. don zweig

    rob, can you or Tom opine on this case. 55yo male presents with left leg pain just above the knee on medial thigh. 6 mos ago he had a dvt post operatively in that leg. the images are not available. he has been on coumadin since with uncertain compliance. he also has left chest pain that is worse with deep breath and palpation. his inr is 2.7 and d dimer is normal. the doppler shows definite clot of uncertain age in left pop fossa. cTa is neg for embolus.

    ?1, is the d dimer affected by anticoagulation?
    ?2. would you change treatment since this could be warfarin failure?

    Don Zweig

    1. Post
      Rob Orman

      Here is the response from Tom Deloughery….My take is that anticoagulation effects the D-dimer by suppressing anticoagulation – so if you are ‘breaking through” warfarin the D-dimer should be up. Always nice to have old films to see if the knee clot is old but based on this history and the location of the pain I would just stick with warfarin – If he is non-compliant because of monitoring issues than can use DOACS

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