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Each episode of Ercast covers a single issue and tries to tease out all the relevant elements that affect your practice without overstuffing your frontal cortex. It’s for physicians and anyone interested in a bare bones look at emergency care.

The Problem with Calf Clots

Deep venous thrombosis of the calf causes an undue amount of consternation. What’s the best way to manage these?Anticoagulate, serial ultrasound, do nothing? We break down the evidence to help you decide. Direct Download What are we worried about with calf DVT? Will it become a PE? Will the clot propagate proximally? Does treatment make […]

Neurogenic Shock

A trauma patient with persistent, yet unexplained hypotension may be suffering from neurogenic shock. What’s that? Anand Swaminathan joins the show to help break down the diagnosis and treatment. Register for Essentials of Emergency Medicine and get access to Essentials LA on August 27, 2015 **Correction: the original title of this post was “spinal shock” which, […]

Night Shifts

There’s no getting around night shifts in the emergency department. Most of us work nights to some degree or another and find them less than pleasant. Are there ways to mitigate the misery? Haney Mallemat joins ERCast to discuss nightshifts and so much more…. Direct Download In this episode Finding your niche and following your passion in […]

Chronic Pain Part 2: Medication

This is part two of a two part series on chronic pain. Pearls: Set realistic expectations when treating patients with chronic pain. For the vast majority of patients, antidepressants are the first-line pharmacologic choice for the treatment of chronic pain. Patients who present after the acute phase of a painful condition, whether it’s 1 week or 2 […]

Chronic Pain

Part one of a two part series on caring for patients with chronic pain Pearls: With few exceptions, opiate therapy should be reserved for the short-term treatment of acute somatic pain due to tissue injury. Patients with acute pain should be informed early on that once tissue healing starts, opiates will be discontinued and the […]

Pediatric C-spine Clearance

When we want to clinically clear the adult cervical spine, what do we do? We whip out a handy dandy decision instrument. Canadian C-spine? Yes! NEXUS? Boom, you betcha! But when it comes to kids, there’s just nothing out there that even resembles a prospectively validated clearance tool. We’re left with are gestalt, experience, and […]