A focused discussion on the questions, quagmires and known unknowns we face everyday in the emergency department.
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Each episode of Ercast covers a single issue and tries to tease out all the relevant elements that affect your practice without overstuffing your frontal cortex. It’s for physicians and anyone interested in a bare bones look at emergency care.

The right way to teach

An unexpected podcast with Dr. Dike Drummond, otherwise known as The Happy MD. Dike coaches physicians through the stressful aspects of medical practice and has written a book on working though BURNOUT: Burnout Prevention Matrix DIRECT DOWNLOAD In this show How to be an effective educator. Effective teaching isn’t about disgorging information while the Powerpoint […]


PEA made simple

The way we learn to manage pulseless electrical activity (PEA) from the Advanced Cardiac Life Support course is a mockery wrapped up in a sham. The mnemonic is cumbersome and the treatment (such as CPR for all, empiric epinephrine) is not always appropriate for a patient with normal electrical activity and a pulse. Fear not, […]


So, you want to be an ER doc…

What’s it like to be an emergency physician? Take a look inside the psyches of ED docs from around the planet. DIRECT DOWNLOAD So, you want to be an ER doctor. What does that mean? Is it even possible to understand the reality of life as a full time emergency physician when you make the […]


Ebola, Quarantine, and the Law

Legal analyst Gunnar Schwartzbaum (nom de plume) joins the show to talk about the legal ramifications of quarantine and isolation orders. Direct Download In this episode What to do if a patient with suspected Ebola wants to leave the hospital against medical advice. What is the difference between isolation and quarantine? How do you enforce an […]


Should we rethink A Fib cardioversion?

It’s well accepted that the window for acute atrial fibrillation cardioversion of atrial fibrillation ends at  48 hours post onset. We did a whole episode on that very point.  The 48 hour window is now being challenged by the biggest study to date looking at this topic. DIRECT DOWNLOAD Time to Cardioversion for Acute Atrial Fibrillation and Thromboembolic […]


Is it really a sinus headache?

How often do you see patients who tell you they are having a sinus headache need antibiotics. There are so many things wrong with that, not the least of which is the antibiotics part, but ….what about the cause of the headache in the first place? Direct Download Podcast    Is this headache a migraine? […]